Moonstone Ceremonies
Moonstone Ceremonies

Renewing Ceremonies

From the heart...

Your ceremony, your way

Unique and unforgettable

Renewal of vows, age celebrations, anniversaries, house blessings and healings.

Moonstone brings forth new goals, aspirations and the dreams you have in life...

A renewal of vows might be the ceremony you really wanted when you originally married, or you may wish to reaffirm your original promises.

It may be that you have gone through difficult times and you want everyone you cherish to be present as you renew your deep and loving commitment to each other.

The beauty of renewing your vows is that you can include children, family and friends as supporters, to give readings and pay tribute to your lives together.

This will be a joyous ceremony and a celebration of your married life and the anticipation of your future time together.

Age celebrations and anniversaries of all sorts often pass unnoticed. They are times in our lives that are symbolic to us and should be marked and celebrated. They are rites of passage.

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We will design a ceremony weaving in stories, moments, fun, testimonies, music, readings and more. You might want to include friends, family and significant people from your life to participate, share and witness your event.

It will be unique to you. It can take place anywhere (as long as it’s safe and you have permission to be there) and can be as long or short as you like.

Space blessings and healings are a shamanic way to rid a property of negative energy, releasing old, unneeded energies and to bring in a sense of peace, prosperity and happiness into the space.

The ritual enables us to begin anew bringing harmony between the people and the property.

White sage is used, with its cleansing properties, to smudge you and the property. I acknowledge the seven directions (East, south, west and north, the sky, the earth and the centre) and call on the elements for their wisdom, benevolence and protection.

By doing this we acknowledge the connection the space has with the world and the universe around it. The process can anchor the space, harmonise it and make it more stable and connected with the spirits.

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