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There are times in our lives that we do not want to think about. Times when we have to part with loved ones, careers, pets.

By marking respectfully, and with dignity these rites-of-passage we can begin to move on whilst remembering what was and what we had. The circle of life remains.

Funerals are our way of saying goodbye to a loved one, celebrating their life and sharing unique memories. At Moonstone we will support you at this difficult time and help you to pay tribute to your loved one.

The service might include religious or spiritual elements significant to you or your loved one, readings, music and a eulogy or tribute to their life. Expect tears, smiles, reminiscence and reflection. We will work on an order of service with you and liaise closely with the funeral director to respect, honour and mark your loved one’s life.

We often work closely with our colleague and friend, Jeff Arden. He is an experienced celebrant who has the same approach as Moonstone. His services are personal, thoughtful and memorable.

Please let your funeral director that you want to use Moonstone Ceremonies as your celebrant.

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Retirement is a time that signifies the end of one life and the beginning of another. After years of selfless service to others you can finally retire and embark on new adventures.

By marking retirement through ceremony you can make a better transition towards the next phase of your life – whatever you wish it to be.

I can help you to craft a celebration of this rite of passage which can include elements of cutting ties or a knot, breaking bread or whatever is significant to you.

In heralding new beginnings you can ask anyone to sing, play music and include poems or readings.

Divorce ceremonies mark endings and new beginnings. You fell in love, married and believed in a future together. Maybe you didn’t marry. But things didn’t work out for you.

Divorce ceremonies are there to help you to move on, to become stronger and to encourage you to become more resilient.

You might still be friendly with your former partner and want to have a joint parting ceremony or you might want the presence and support of your family and friends.

I will help you to create a loving ceremony to mark the parting and herald new beginnings.

The loss of a pet can be a harrowing experience. They have been your loved companion for years. You have cared for each other throughout this time. Now they are gone.

I have two cats and have had cats and dogs in the past. I have mourned for lost lives so I have some understanding of what you are experiencing.

Let us work together to mourn the passing of your friend, celebrate their lives and prepare for life without them at your side.

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