Moonstone Ceremonies
Moonstone Ceremonies

Naming Ceremonies

Precious and Special

Your ceremony, your way

Unique and unforgettable

Moonstone is a guiding mother figure and has gentle nurturing and fierce protective properties...

A naming ceremony is a significant event and can occur soon after birth, on adoption or at any time in a young person’s life. Sometimes we recognise that we are not the person who was named originally.

It is a time to welcome someone into or back into, our lives and show that special love and commitment we have for them. It is a time for fun and laughter, hope and joy.

The ceremony can include promises by parents, ‘Mentors’, ‘Protectors’, ‘Guides’ or ‘Supporters’, readings and music. You can share the significance of the name and why it was chosen. The choices are infinite. You might choose to include symbolic elements such as naming candles, sand, gemstones, a promise box, planting a tree, seeds or a time capsule. The choice is yours!

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